Facebook – Let’s Get to Work

In order to champion Britain’s small businesses and underscore Facebook’s contribution to the small business economy in the UK, ‘Let’s Get to Work’ was an integrated campaign revealed through a 60s-film, featuring VO by renown actor Kit Harington. The campaign invites small businesses to meet and stay connected with even more customers around the world.

Rolling out across outdoor, TV, Print, online [including Facebook] and cinema, ‘Let’s Get to Work’ tells the stories of fascinating and successful small businesses from across the UK, highlighting the diversity and depth of Britain’s small business landscape. Every business featured in the campaign will also be profiled on a dedicated microsite detailing how they have used Facebook to build a community or scale their business.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam
Production Company: Stink
Director: Jones + Tino
Filming Locations: UK
Role: Executive Producer

Michael MacMillan