Nike – Never Ask

Nike took to the streets to celebrate the spirit of the ‘korobka’ – the football cage where most Russian kids learn how to play football. Over 240 murals between 2 to 16-metres decorated Moscow korobkas, with each OOH piece a scene of a ‘never asker’ dominating the game. These murals were then stitched into a film that tells the story of a young footballer with big dreams for the future.

With the ‘Never Ask’ campaign, Nike aims to motivate the young generation in Russia to push for their human potential, follow their dreams and embrace their own pioneering mindset. Taking inspiration from both professonal and everyday athletes, Nike uses the power of sport to help athletes* push boundaries and redefine what it means to do sports in Russia.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam
Production Company: RiffRaff Films
Director: David Wilson
Filming Locations: Moscow, Russia
Role: Executive Producer

Michael MacMillan