PlayStation – Feel the Power of PlayStation

A campaign has launched for the PlayStation brand, “Heart.”

This spot for Sony Interactive Entertainment is designed to give viewers a taste of the powerful emotions gamers feel when playing on the PlayStation 4 console.

The film opens on the ferocious barking of a dog as a tactical unit peers, full of trepidation and curiosity, over the edge of a cavernous opening. A strange, other worldly noise echoes up through the tunnel as the team rappels down deep into blackness. Trying to hide their fear, the unit brakes their way through the tunnel, deeper underground, as the strange beating noise grows louder and louder. They try to gather their nerves as the captain pries open a thick steel door into more obsidian darkness. The sound is deafening.

By flashlight, the team slowly unveils the thrilling scene. Caged hearts, beating furiously as they’re powered by PlayStation consoles. The scale of the room is revealed, as the lights power on revealing row after row of hearts. Finally we close in on a single beating heart as the PlayStation symbols slowly appear inscribed.

Agency: adam & eve DDB
Production Company: Iconoclast
Director: Romain Gavras
Filming Locations: Kiev, Ukraine
Role: Executive Producer

Michael MacMillan